Lets start at the … the beginning…

The beginning for this blog, is my diagnosis with breast cancer.  But here’s how that happened.

Ever since My birthday last Dec, I have had this nagging feeling to get a “through” health check.I was worried I would find out about my bones being weak from not getting enough calcium, or that I had an irritable stomach, or something on those lines.

After months of putting it off I chose to go with a popular clinics PINK Health Screen Package. Terribly cliched , it threw in a Pap Smear and physical check for an additional 150 SGD. I cannot imagine what made me pick this, but whatever it was probably saved my life.

And so I went, and during the physical, the doc discovered a lump the size of a strawberry in my boob. She dint look too worried, but said simply, you will need an ultrasound, why don’t you get it right away? So I did.

The Ultrasound took about 20 min more , and they promised me to have the results in by evening the same day, so I went out and met K for lunch. Later at about 4PM, K came with me to get the results, and it was a good thing cause the ultrasound report had the word “sinister” in it.

The doc now looking more serious sent me off to a mammogram , the results of which, based on the look on my face,  they promised to rush and have it ready in 30 min. But the mammogram report was useless. It couldn’t even find the strawberry sized lump , that was “sinister” , let alone any other indications of malignancy.

(This is a common problem for mammograms, it cannot be accurate with young women, because young women have dense breasts)


The next step is a biopsy. The doc referred me to a surgeon , Dr Y. We met Dr Y, on a Friday, and she did an ultrasound again , and validated what the report had said. SINISTER. She and her staff stayed back on a Friday evening to do the biopsy for me.It took all of 20 min, but then I had to spend a looong weekend waiting for the results.

Dr Y’s clinic called and scheduled an appointment on Tuesday saying the report will be in. And if you are reading this blog, you know what the report said.

I have been overwhelmed with information, emotion, distress, worry, treatment plan, surgery options and what not. In my effort to deal with this , I am starting this blog.

I hope that writing down my feelings, thoughts and day to day stuff will help me get some clarity and help me cope with this.


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