18 May 2012 : What rhymes with tumour?

Humour…!!!  🙂

Ok that was terrible. But my point is that laughing helps. It doesn’t solve anything, change anything, but just helps you feel like its not *that* big a deal. This afternoon I am spending watching old episodes of How I met Your Mother , The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. And I am laughing out loud, even though the jokes are not always as funny … somthing like these laughter clubs … where people gather and laugh for no reason.

Either this an awesome idea… or I am going nuts..!!

And just to add on… since I remembered…  while we are talking about things that help, what doesn’t not help is Google. Really. Googling almost anything gives you words like “prognosis” , “survival”.  Google has great information if your coming from a purely academic interest, but I don’t want to hear these words right now. And it has been surprising easy to stay away from Google. 

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