19 May 2012 : Good Day

Today was a good day. Was able to sleep well and without waking up several times all stressed, like the last few nights.  Went out with K , watched a movie  (the best exotic marigold hotel) and drank a bit.

Now trying to prep myself for surgery and chemo. Surgery , is relatively ok now that I know that the recovery is only 3-4 days. The chemo am not sure, since I haven’t yet met with an oncologist.  The surgeon had mentioned that it would likely be 4 doses over 21 day cycles. Most websites say you can continue working through chemo, and I intend to, but just hope I am not underestimating its effects.  I dont want to take a long time off since that would make me “feel like a sick person” , and I want to feel as normal as possible, as soon as possible.

Normal, you know, when the word cancer is not on your mind ALL the time……. even when you are doing something, talking to someone, its always there….. when you wake up in the morning and your first thought is not “Oh crap, I have cancer and I need to do something about it”.

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