27 May 2012 : Bye Bye Cancer

So the surgery is tomorrow… and I cant help being a little fidgety. My body will be never be the same again….

 But … But… BUT … in roughly 28 hours from now… the cancer will be removed from my body. I have been carrying around this hateful tumor everywhere with me… everywhere i go, everything i do… even as I type this… it’s here sitting almost next to my heart, growing a little bit every second. I imagine it like an alien being in possession of my boob, that has a tiny heart beat of its own , as it spreads its tentacles deeper and deeper into my body. 

By nightfall tomorrow, IT WILL BE GONE. I am sure this is relieving, and this is what I will be staying focussed on.

Bye Bye cancer. You wont be missed. 

In other news, Mommy’s here..! This is the first time my Mom and K are meeting, and in other circumstances this would have been an awkward time. But , now everything is in perspective. Noone cares about who said what, who stays where, and all that. Everything is going smoothly. 🙂

I also managed to get some dental fillings done, though I haven’t managed to work out how to fit the root canal in yet. We’ll see, lah! 



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