5 June 2012 : UGH

So today we met Dr Mow , the oncologist. This was an “education” meeting , mostly on line to convince us why chemo is recommended for me. He showed us how much the recurrence rates would improve if I did the chemo. Well, I guess there was never any question if I would do the chemo.

He has recommended a 8 cycles regimen , once every two weeks. So that’s 4 doses of Anthracycline, forllowed by 4 doeses of taxanes. He says that research shows benefits if the dose is every other week , instead of once in three weeks. He thinks I am healthy enough to take it.

I will take a second independent opinion on this, but should be ok.

He also sent us to a gyno, to talk about the procedures for storing eggs or embryos. I wish I hadn’t gone. The gyno was practically pushing us to save eggs, save embryos , cut out one of my ovaries , cut it up and freeze it and re-put it back when all this is over, take injections to shut down my ovaries, and god knows what else.

He also made me me do some tests, which i think are totally pointless, to check my womb and ovaries and what not. ( These tests are like pap smear ,NOT fun!!) God, my head is aching and I feel sick, and exhausted.I don’t want any more surgeries.

And in the having babies versus staying alive argument , who in their senses would pick babies?

So if chemo kills my lady parts, so be it.

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