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28 Jul 2012 : More chemo updates..

1. Everytime someone asks me how I am … I assume they really want to know .. So I tell them. Sigh

2. I have now a whole laundry list of side effects. Sometimes I whine about one or the other.I hate it when the listener goes oh but that’s not so bad , or it’s a small thing or whatever… Yes that ONE thing is not so bad … But there’s like 500 more that u don’t know about .. So just make cooing noises or say ‘there there’ .. Ok?

3. As much as the fact that I am bald did not matter … Now that the hair is falling .. And my head is so patchy .. It IS depressing. Earlier I looked in the mirror and saw a woman who was coping with cancer well.., and now I see this ugly strange creature ..

5. I never imagined that I could hate water. The sight of it .. The taste of it .. The way it feels in your stomach .. Ugh!



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