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26 Sep 2012 : and some more..

So today was Taxol #4 …  and the blood counts are finally doing well.  But as we all know its impossible to have everything going well at the same time…. so this time my liver has started to cave.

Due to abnormal liver function results , which is likely from the chemo , buts need to be managed before it causes more damage , I now have some dietary restrictions. So I have to cut down on everything that doesn’t taste terrible, and eat more of everything that is terrible.

More joy! <sigh> ( Please noone tell me to look on bright side . There is no bright side . Yes I get to save my liver , but if you remember a few months ago , my liver was safe and I could eat what I wanted. )


We also visited the last Doctor , in my health care entourage, the radiation oncologist. He talked a lot about complex calculations , angling techniques, radiation level calulation etc etc . To  me , 30 min after chemo…. I dont really know what he said,  but well ,  33 doses and hopefully my boob will only be “mildly seared” and not ” fried to a crisp”.


Clearly I am not handling this all that well, afterall.


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